School Tour

Please stop by to visit us Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 9am – 11:00am for a tour of our school! (some days we are on field trips so contact us before you visit)

Registration for the current School Year

In order to hold your child’s spot at MPP, we need the following to complete your child’s application.

Recent photo, any size, of your child.

Registration Form and Cover Sheet

Member Agreement

Child Identification and Medical Release Form

Parents’ Rights Form– Sign and return ONLY the bottom portion, as directed.

Personal Rights Form– Sign and return ONLY the bottom portion, as directed.

Physician’s Form – complete Part A; your child’s doctor must complete Part B. Your child does not need to be seen by the doctor unless it has been a year or more since your child’s last visit to the doctor.

Copy of yellow Immunization Record

Registration Fees: Two separate checks. (Please see Registration Fees Worksheet )

In Class Participation Parent’s must have TB Skin Test Results on file. Test results are valid for three years. Returning Parents, please note if you have a TB test result on file

Child Developmental History Form

Please mail completed Application Package and Supporting Documents to:

Milpitas Parents’ Preschool, Attn: Membership, PO BOX 361436, Milpitas CA 95036.

We are very excited about the upcoming year at MPP! We hope you will find your experience as a member/owner of the preschool co-op truly rewarding as we work together in community for the mutual benefit of our children! We look forward to having you and your child join us for this school year.

Additional Forms

Withdrawal Form

Leave of Absence Form

End of the Year Survey

Summer School Registration Form